What are people saying about Joyce?

"We actually interviewed 6 REALTORs® before we met Joyce and we are glad we did. Joyce was just what we were looking for and needed. From setting a reasonable price to staging our home, Joyce led with a calm aggressive approach that had our home sold in 10 days with a satisfactory price for all!"
- Chris Lopez / past Edmond resident & teacher

"Honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic are all Joyce's calling cards."
- Clay Farha / President, B.D. Eddie Enterprises

"Searching for a home is truly overwhelming! Joyce has the wonderful ability to quickly recognize what you are looking for in a home and then tailor your search list to match those qualities. We found the perfect house within the 2nd day of looking! All because she listened to our wants and focused on our search to match those desires. We highly recommend her as an agent!"
- Jamie Brooks / Current Edmond resident & nurse


"In her exceptionally creative mind, she perceives possibilities, works out the meticulous details and sets out to bring them to fruition."
- Marjore Anderson / Writer & Author


"Not only did she advise us, she helped prepare the home for sale. She priced it attractively and did all the leg work. She succeeded in both the sale of our house and the purchase of our new home with both selling price and buying price which was very fair and compatible with everyone involved. Whatever your needs are, Joyce will listen and work to make those needs come true. She is a real pro."
- Lewis Davis / Current Edmond resident


"Joyce brings a rare combination of energy, integrity, and intelligence to every task she undertakes."
- David T. Yost / Land Developer of Stonemill & Hidden Lake


"Her background has given her a sophistication that combined with her education, makes her a very able contributor to the business world."
- W. John Hefner, Jr. / President, The Hefner Company