Joyce Brown

"Selling real estate happens when knowledge, experience, energy & creative talent come together."

For most families, choosing a new home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. There are many complicated decisions involved in choosing a home. As your agent and a top expert in the local market, we'll negotiate the best prices and terms for you and answer all of your questions as they arise.

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Joyce Brown Real Estate Team is here to help!

    You are cordially invited to view the listings of our special homes:

    all crafted with the quality workmanship you’ve come to expect in our area. Please enjoy and feel free to call us at 405-595-0500, if you have questions or if you would like to schedule a personal tour. We can help you find your dream home and assure your best interests are protected throughout the entire process.

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The Power of Staging

From studying design in Paris, to selling beautiful homes in Oklahoma, Joyce has a rare combination of experience to get your house sold. High quality photography of a home that is presented in a manner appealing to homebuyers is of utmost importance in today’s competitive market. We invite you to view a sampling of our staging “before & afters”. Call Joyce today at 595-0500 to schedule your free staging consultation.

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